Zhuhai Waterfront Master Plan Zhuhai, Peoples Republic of China

Competition Entry - 2011

Since China’s economic reform and opening, the physical and cultural dynamic of Zhuhai, the Pearl River Delta and
the country overall has witnessed an unprecedented 30 year period of expansion and change. For Zhuhai, what was
once a series of small fishing and trading communities has now emerged as a thriving coastal city, a key participant in
China’s economic progress, and a sought after destination for travel and leisure. To ensure Zhuhai, and most notably, its
coastline continues to evolve and promote quality growth, the Zhuhai Municipal Government commissioned LandDesign
and a series of other practices to generate creative ideas and a broad vision for the City’s key coastal road corridor and
seashore. The design approach looked holistically at all elements of the coastal road and coastline—activities by district,
development node visions, development controls, vehicle traffic, mass transit facilities, parks, public services, landscape,
signage, maritime activities and others. The comprehensive vision focused design ideas that emphasized community
building at a human scale while at the same time encouraging development nodes that are incubators of commerce and
the next “great ideas.”

Will worked on the Zhuhai Waterfront while at LandDesign.

Renderings © LandDesign