Washington University in St. Louis - Olin School of Business St Louis, MO

Completed 2014 - In collaboration with MRY Architect

The design for The Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis will expand its current facilities while at the same time improving pedestrian connections and transforms what was a essentially a back door into a new gateway for the campus. The building is situated between an existing building on one side and on the other a 40' tall natural bluff, which made the site design particularly difficult. In collaboration with MRY Architects, the project emphasizes places for gathering and strong connections to the surrounding campus. Sculptural wood benches and flexible tables and chairs provide users with a variety outdoor experiences. A native planting palate and locally sourced building materials create an appropriate prairie landscape that complements the surround campus context.

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Will worked on The Olin School of Business while a Landscape Architect at OLIN.

Photography/Drawings © MRY OLIN/Will Belcher