Washigton Waterfront Master Plan Washington, NC


Memorable. Historic. Welcoming. Each expression encapsulates the spirit and scale of the City of Washington’s
downtown and its waterfront presence along the Pamlico River. In the creation of a vision plan and strategy for this
unique small town waterfront, LandDesign along with project partners 505 Design, channeled results from a series
of citizen outreach and charrette gatherings into a focused, unified approach for economically and socially activating
the City’s waterfront. The plan reinforces and builds upon the strengths of Washington’s waterfront and downtown by
enhancing the maritime, commercial and recreational character of the area. To this end, the plan supports the creation
of an expanded maritime quarter and marina area providing marina slips and vessel floats, dockmaster area and other
amenities; establishes a broader network of waterfront parks and venues; strengthens connectivity with downtown
through the opening of street ends and roadway reconfiguration; and introduces strategic new development initiatives
inclusive of a new Downtown Hotel.

Will worked on the Washington Waterfront Masterplan while at LandDesign. In Collaboration with 505 Design. All Images