Maritime Center at Gruz Harbor Dubrovnik, Croatia


Dubrovnik has emerged as the third largest cruise port-of-call in the Mediterranean. With recent improvements and
expansion of marine berthing facilities at nearby Gruz Harbor complete, the effort for the Port and City of Dubrovnik
now turns to establishment of a redevelopment strategy for over 30 acres of adjacent upland area in support of
cruise, ferry and other maritime operations as well as the emergence of this area as a modern commercial and
residential center. LandDesign is currently preparing a comprehensive development plan for this zone which seeks
to create a number of commercial, residential, office and entertainment districts along with required maritime terminal
and ground logistical areas. The plan allows for continuous access to the water’s edge as well as several other park
and open space elements.

Will worked on Maritime Center at Gruz Harbor while at LandDesign.

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